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HAGS launches ECO Station

June 2012

ECO Station follow its theme in every part and play function. Posts, play functions and screens have been designed and coloured to convey the theme. ECO Station is perfect on playgrounds, at
pre-schools and schools.

Agito Aura from HAGS

June 2012

HAGS product family Agito consists of large numbers of modular play equipment units for children over 6 years of age. Modern architecture, great colours and a plethora of innovative play functions that encourage playfulness have made the Agito range popular since it was first launched in 2001. Today, 10 years later, we are introducing a new, glimmering version of HAGS Agito – the Agito Aura.

HAGS are launching four new Fantasy products

May 2012

We are so excited to introduce four new units in the HAGS Fantasy range, Viking, Mars, Hydra and Bengal. These new units are smaller than our four first Fantasy units. The HAGS UniPlay family is a classic that is constantly renewing itself. It is a flexible play system with lots of exciting play functions that is popular around the world. The imaginative new units are intended to be sold as solo items. 

HAGS Vision updated

April 2012

We have now updated HAGS Vision for iPhone with new products. Grid (PDF), Chili and Fantasy Bell are some of the new ones.

HAGS Orbit wins the "Red Dot Design Award"

April 2012

The red dot design award dates back to 1955 and is now one of the world’s largest and most distinguished design competitions. More than 14,000 participations from over 70 nations document the relevance of the internationally sought-after red dot.

Hopper with new design

March 2012

Hopper has now been redesigned. Instead of its round shape, HAGS has given Hopper the same classic triangle shape as Pirouette.

Black plastic coated joint for swings

March 2012

We have changed our swing seat into black during the last years. To get a common design line and not mix up colors too much we are now replacing the blue coated swing chains with black as well.

The color is the only difference, the design is still the same.

See and order our swing joints here.

Varioline introduced at HAGS - Playground equipment material

February 2012

Varioline board material was introduced at HAGS during 2011. It’s a light weight polymer board material. Some of it’s advantages are:

Stockholm Furniture Fair - Enjoy life outdoors

January 2012

During Stockholm Furniture Fair, 7-11 February 2012, we will show some new exciting pieces in our collection. This spring HAGS will launch the popular park benches and tables, Birka-series, designed by Jan Wickelgren, in a lovely orange color that definitely will be an eye-catcher.

HAGS fantasy environments for young circus artists, astronauts and explorers.

January 2012

HAGS open play environments Grimmie, Circus and Zapp inspire young children to engage in fantasy games set in theme worlds. Young children are naturally imaginative, but they sometimes need a little help to get started. Grimmie is the perfect play equipment for an exciting fantasy adventure, Circus is a colorful circus world where anything is possible and Zapp is a play unit for a space adventure. Can be used as solitaires or to add the finishing touch to a playground.