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Focus on the Viper

November 2015

Style, resilience and fun…The Viper has it all and has transformed playground trips into an exhilarating adventure for many children across the country.
Launched in 2010 at a time when the market was flooded with generic swings, the Viper created quite a stir with its contemporary look and innovative design. Here is why it has been widely acclaimed by users and maintainers alike since its inception:


HAGS ‘Gym’ range of Fitness products are fully certified to DIN 79000

June 2015

We are pleased to confirm that the HAGS ‘Gym’ range of Fitness products are fully certified to DIN 79000 "Permanently installed fitness equipment" and TÜV’s test program for fitness and fitness equipment, PPP 55012A: in 2010.

We are aware that EN 16630 ‘Permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment – safety requirements and test methods’ was very recently published to provide a universal test standard across the whole of Europe.

This new EN specification was based on the old DIN 79000 Standard and so in terms of safety is comparable.

Open for Business this summer

May 2015

Our philosophy is that HAGS should be an easy company to do business with and that our products are both simple to sell and brilliant to buy, so this summer we are “Open for Business”.

Q. What does “Open for Business” mean?

Week commencing June 22nd through week commencing August 10th is the holiday season in Sweden but we know that not everyone else is on holiday at the same time across the world, so to meet the needs of our customers globally we will aim to deliver the core services of manufacturing, delivery and customer support as usual.

Make tomorrow different!

March 2015

We have updated our timber multiplay system for 2015. Learn more by heading over to our UniPlay Hub.

An exhilarating and unique new range that incorporates attractive curves and natural timbers, echoing nature and seamlessly complementing their surroundings – it could only be HAGS! We've also added extra challenges, improved links and unique new components to provide maximum enticing play value.

HAGS Opening hours during Christmas

December 2014

Christmas holidays are approaching and then also HAGS takes some time off.

Opening hours for HAGS switch board:

December 17 -
December 22 -
December 23-26 -
December 29-30 - 07:45-15:00December 31 - Closed
January 1-6
- Closed


New Integrated shade for play structures

August 2014

HAGS Integrated Shade

HAGS launches sun protection integrated into the play units. Protecting your child's sensitive skin during play and also providing an attractive, enhanced look to the playground.

Install a real landmark now! 

New Springers!

July 2014

HAGS is launching new double sided HPL springers for children aged 2 - 5 years. Choose from several models in a stylish design.

New bike sheds!

July 2014

expanding its range of bicycle sheds with the new Stella, Nova and Capella,
designed by Jan Wickelgren.

Click here for more information.

New design!

July 2014

roundabout has been redesigned to accommodate more children. The roundabout now
has easy grip handles and more comfortable seats.

Click here for more information.

New for the youngsters!

July 2014

Vespy, Mollie & Maggy!

HAGS is now launching a new range of rocking play equipment for children up to 4 years. Choose from several models in a stylish design.