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Focus on the Titan carousel

March 2016

Inspired by fairground rides, the Titan allows five players to spin around at an exhilarating speed, providing hours of endless fun. Because of its tilted overhead steel frame, speed dramatically increases when the players reach the highest point, adding an element of surprise and generating pure excitement.

More than just a fun piece of equipment, the Titan encourages cooperation and boosts social interaction through graduated levels of challenge. The Titan provides an inclusive play experience, enabling children of differing abilities to join the fun and play together.
You can choose any combination of seats you need to create a bespoke play experience tailored to your requirements.

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Four different seats, five different ways to play:


Orbit roundabout inclusive play

The Mirage seat:

Designed for children aged 3-14, the Mirage seat offers good back support and ensures that users are in a stable position. An optional harness can be ordered to provide extra security for children with severe disabilities.

Level of challenge: low

Best suited to younger children, players with low core mobility or just anyone who wants a comfortable ride.

Orbit roundabout exhilirating

The Pendulum button:

Can be used sitting or standing

Level of challenge:  medium to high

Best suited to players with good core stability and balance

Orbit roundabout motor skills

The rope ladder

Can be used sitting or standing.

Level of challenge: Medium to high

Best suited to confident players with good coordination and balance.

Orbit roundabout low maintenance

The T bar hanger

The player jumps up to reach and hang onto the hanger, thus testing his/her balance and building upper body strength. 

Level of challenge: High

Best suited to confident players with good coordination skills, core strength and stamina. The height of the bar prevents younger or less able children from reaching the hanger which could lead to potential injuries.  

Orbit roundabout low maintenance

And for whoever wasn’t fast enough to grab a seat…

The player holds on one of the ropes and runs around the Titan to increase speed.

Level of challenge: Low

Best suited to: adults who wish to participate, players who want to burn off some energy.

 The Titan is made of durable structural steel and is fully certified to EN1176.