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Focus on the Roty roundabout

December 2015

With its elevated platform which adds an element of challenge and offers a wider range of motion, the Roty is an exciting take on the classic roundabout. We have imagined four simple games to make the most of your Roty unit, but creative young minds will probably come up with a thousand more!

The smooth ride

Roty roundabout

Children of different ages and abilities can lie on the deck or sit comfortably and gradually increase speed by using their bodyweight. The gentle swaying motion will also help children with behavioural needs to relax and momentarily retreat from the buzz of the playground.
The Roty roundabout is a fully inclusive unit and is suitable for children with low core mobility accompanied by their carer.


The surf ride

Roty roundabout

Thrill-seekers will test their balance and coordination by shifting their bodyweight on the leaning platform and performing bold surf moves. The handrails and grooved surface will help less confident players stay stable.


The Speedometer

Roty roundabout

Up to four players can kneel on the deck and engage in a playful spinning contest. They can extend the challenge and use the orange HAGS logo as a pointer to count the number of cycles.


The Rodeo

Roty roundabout

For the brave only! Children’s imagination will transform the Roty into a raging bull or a wild stallion. This game encourages role play and will help young adventurers build confidence and balance.

Can you think of more fun games that can be played on the Roty? Share your ideas with us on our Facebook page!